ELECTION NEWS: IFA Video Clips from the August 8th Election

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IFA Video Clips from the August 8th Election


Click on the images for video clips.

Finding Voters in the Register

Biometric failures in the Kenyan election of August 8th 2017

Observer Obstruction

Obstructing observers and media in the general election


Post Election Violence

Post Election Violence in Kisumu and Nairobi August 2017


Voter Relocation & Transfers

Voters who found they had been transferred to other counties during the August 8th election.


Your Vote Doesn't Count

Voters turned away at their polling station during the Kenya General Election.


Voting in Samburu

Challenges facing voters in Northern Kenya during the recentlyy concluded General Election.


Vote of No Confidence

Electoral crimes in the Kenyan General election.


Negotiated Democracy

Election officials and party agents debating what votes count in Western Kenya following the Kenya General Election.


Electoral Dysfunction

Biometric Identification Kit failure during Kenya General Election in August.


Does This Vote Count

Debating which votes should count in Bomet County in the Rift Valley during the Kenyan General Elections.


Discriminating Against the Disabled

Challenges faced by a disabled voter in the Kenyan General Elections held in August.




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