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Adan Kabelo is one of the Isiolo governor contestants on ODM party ticket. He says he has the passion which drives him to vye for this position to change the lives of poor people of Isiolo for He has been through the same life in his chidhood and past life, being a helpless orphan who got aid from well wishers. Mr. Adan has been working for people in the most difficult parts of the world such as Somalia, Asia, Central America and Southern Sudan among others. He now feels that it's the high time that he should come back home (Isiolo county) and give back to the society because he believes that it has been neglected by the leaders. 70 percent of the people in this County are among the poorest in the world and the amount of money the county gets from the national government is enough to make changes. Aden feels that the reason why people are not getting good services is because of corruption. His main aim is to make a difference in the education sector despite the fact that it's not fully devolved in the county because it's the basis of relieving people from poverty. Having continous conflicts on land and cattle raiding in Isiolo county, Aden believes that holding open and very hard dialogues with the neighbouring counties will help solve the problem. A good leader is a good listener of wise advise and has the passion of leaving a legacy of changing lives, he says.




One person dead and two others seriouly injured on bad raod accident at isiolo town at around 10am. The accident involved a Bodaboda and Kenya Amry Lorry, resident's of isiolo are claiming that this was not the first time Kenya Amry Vihecles cause accidents in isiolo town and want the action to be taken againest the speeding Kenya Amry Vihecles.

Norway Ambassador Visit Isiolo Community

15th Dec 2016, Norway Ambassador visited Burat Community in Isiolo county where he attentend community screening and meet with Community Action Team.

His visit came a few months after Burat Community held a demonstration to petition national government on Burat Land which they claimed that the Kenya Defence Force School of infantry SOI have taken their land.