Nyamira IDPs Demonstrate Demanding for Resettlement and Compensation

InformAction by InformAction
Both National and County Governments are yet to address the concerns of IDPs as outlined in the petition. The IDPs continue to live in IDP camps. Attempts to follow up with officials have yielded no fruit, with IDP representatives being tossed from one government department to another. IDPs are adamant that they will stop at nothing to demand for their rights as Kenyan citizens.

On Tuesday March 4, 2014, between 2000 to 3000 IDPs took part in a hugely successful peaceful protest in Nyamira, demanding recognition and compensation, comparable to that which IDPs in Eldoret and Embobut Forest received in 2013.

The Kisii community, whose plight has been largely invisible, suffered greatly during that crisis, targeted by the Kalenjin in the Rift Valley, the Luo in Nyanza, and the Kikuyu in Nakuru and Naivasha. Hundreds were killed, and thousands were displaced with properties destroyed. Those living on the border areas trekked back to Kisii land, while some were trucked from major towns back to Kisii. Temporary camps were set up and shortly thereafter destroyed by the Regime, leaving IDPs to fend for themselves. Without other options, IDPs have been left to live off irregular income from odd jobs here and there. Further, despite the warm embrace and welcome from the local communities, their return has precipitated new problems related to the scarcity of land in an already densely populated Kisii.

The purpose of the demonstration was to highlight the plight of IDP's in that area, and to submit a petition to the Nyamira County Commissioner's office, demanding for the National Government to address their concerns as IDP's and citizens of Kenya.

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