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InformAction’s Kisii County team hosted a leadership debate for candidates seeking to represent Bassi Boitangare Ward in Bobasi constituency. The event drew over 350 locals eager to hear from six candidates vying for the position, a group of aspirants which included the incumbent MCA.

The overwhelming concern for the residents surrounded sanitation. Residents complained about the long distances trekked to fetch water.

“As women, we are tired of fetching water from the river! We want a leader who will pipe the water so that we can use it at home." One old woman complained.

One man complained that Bassi Boitangare was not getting its' fair share of jobs among the people of Bobasi constituency. Other wards in the county had their sons and daughters getting the nod for coveted county seats but Bassi Boitangare had been left behind a matter that they wanted the next Member of County Assembly to address.

“We want a leader who will prioritise giving our children jobs.” One woman said at the start of debate.

The concerns for the next county government were not limited to the young. One elderly man complained that the stipend distributed to those over the age of sixty-five either arrived late or the pay packet was lighter than expected.

 “The elderly within Bobasi do not receive their stipend! They don’t receive their stipend like the other people. They give Sh 2000 per person in this place while in other regions people are given Sh 5000,” the man complained.

One resident complained that the sitting MCA Isiah Mosota did not pick up his constituents’ calls.

“We want a leader who does not despise people. We want a leader you can call and he picks his phone and tells you to bring him your credentials when you are looking for a job,” the man said.

The final issue raised at the forum was the lack of bursaries and favoritism in their distribution.

“We have orphans but it is children from well of families that end up getting bursary awards while the poor never receive that money, what are you going to do about it?” An irate resident asked.

The sitting MCA defended his record saying that the county government had started more than 25 water projects in the ward. He promised that the work would continue and a water tank that would serve the area would be built at Nyamagwa Girls’ Primary School.

“We have constructed 25 springs in four years and the rest are in the budget earmarked for construction,” Mr Mosota said.

“There are 7200 beneficiaries of bursaries and the money ranges from sh2000 to sh 14,000. I want you to understand that there is a law that governs the disbursement of the bursary, it is not the place of a County Assembly representative to give direction how the money ought to be spent,” Mr Mosota said.

Mr Mosota’s opponents asked the public to vote him out over his record which they termed as poor.

“The reason I will be elected and what pulled me to vie for leadership is because the leadership is not good,” Mr Bilancio Nyakoe said begun. “Sitting MCAs have been poor at attending to their duty and that is why they will be sent packing.”







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