Flee and fire: Election Aftermath in Kibera

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At least twenty-five people were killed on Saturday in police crackdowns of protests against the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Seventeen people in Kisumu County and Eight people in Kibera Nairobi died according to police sources following running battles between security forces and opposition supporters.

Police patrols went door to door in Kibera attacking locals, firing live rounds and lobbing tear gas to disperse crowds. Red Cross vehicles were seen throughout the day ferrying injured out of the area.

Plumes of smoke from burning tires and rapid gunfire greeted visitors to the area as three police lorries cordoned off areas. Police dual-wielding assault rifles and clubs drove in out of the area all day long. 

Recently elected MPs from opposition party ODM led by local MP Ken Okoth tried to access to the area to talk to the protesters but their convoy of cars was fired at by the police who lobbed teargas to disperse the parliamentarians. 

Journalists covering the skirmishes were not spared. KTN reporter Duncan Khaemba was arrested while others were forced to delete footage the police objected to. InformAction correspondents were forced at gunpoint to march with their hands in the air as police attacked journalists. Journalists were ordered to drop cameras as police attacked members of the public they saw filming the operation. 

“They attacked us all through the night and now we can’t even go home,” Andrew Okoth who was unable to get through the barricades during the operation complained. 

Opposition leaders called on their supporters to remain calm even as they press on with their claim that they won the disputed election.

One police officer from the Kibera Community Policing Project who spoke on condition of anonymity claimed that the crowds had seized three guns from the police following a previous night of protests.

“They have taken our property and it must be returned,” the officer said. He would not clarify the type of gun that was taken.

The government has not given any figures of police casualties and there have been no reports of officers with gunshot wounds.



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