Ngaremara Police Operation

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Ngaremara Police Station

Tension remains high in Ngaremara Ward, Isiolo County as a heavy police operation continues. The operation, which has so far claimed the lives of 5 local people, started a week ago. An elderly woman and two children are among those killed. 

Early last month, a group of Samburu herders attacked a Turkana village at Luroku area, west of Isiolo town and stole cattle, and in retaliation, Turkana Morans raided Samburu Manyatta and stole cows. The Samburu reported the theft to police who gave the Turkanas’ time to return the cows, failure to which they were to use force.

A joint team of police operation led by Isiolo County commissioner John Ondego have torched houses and used live ammunition on locals. The officers have also been firing aimlessly at centres along the Isiolo-Marsabit road affecting transportation.

Four police officers have lost their lives and five others have been injured. Nine schools have had to close since the operation begun. Security personel have been using several lorries, armoured vehicles and land crusers with hidden number plates in the operation.

Since the operation started, no local leader has visited the area or spoken about the issues. Many locals have fled their homes for fear of attack from the security personel.

Locals also claim police have killed several livestock and some have also been stolen. Affected villages include Chumvi yere, Daaba, Nachuroi, Araimayoi, Attan, Erimet, Kiwanja, Ngaremara and Nasuloi.

By the Isiolo InformAction Team


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