Training Women Leaders in Kisumu

On 25th June 2020, InformAction held community action training for an all-woman team in Kisumu Town. Twelve women leaders from ten informal settlement areas in Kisumu County went over the basics of how to motivate communities to organise, petition and protest about issues in the counties.

The group for training had been formed during the International Women’s Day event organized by IFA, which brought together over 200 women from informal settlement areas in Kisumu County.

The training kicked off with a film screening We Don’t Beg, We Demand, and followed with an interactive question and answer session.  Participants realised that the majority of women do not take part in the county budgeting process, which has meant that their development projects were not included in the County Budget. In fact, they noted, the public participation meetings were usually held in faraway locations which made it particularly difficult for many of the women to access the meetings and participate.

The women leaders were then taken through topics such as community organizing, planning, and advocacy. Group presentations provided an opportunity for the participants to give input on key community issues.

Participants noted with concern that gender-based violence against girls and women had risen during the Covid-19 pandemic. They felt that the conditions of the pandemic and the government response to it made it particularly difficult to address GBV cases.

By the end of the community action training, the women resolved that they would develop a joint action plan around the ten informal settlement areas in Kisumu County. They planned joint activities to mobilize women into a social movement and address their issues.


Story by IFA Western Team


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