Tsunza Village Demands Compensation for Road Construction

The IFA Mombasa team was led by a CAT member to this village to advice on the issues caused by the Dongo Kundu project towards the residents. Residents lamented over unfair and corrupt procedures in the project implementation. They claimed there was no public participation prior to the project taking off while the government continues with the phases of the project on the ground.  This exposes the affected persons to forceful evictions, demolition of their houses and damage of their farms, and displacement. 
IFA conducted several screenings, with a CAT was formed and an immediate action plan formulated - a ‘Call for Dialogue’ by the affected persons to the responsible institutions handling the DongoKundu Project. IFA facilitated the CAT members to seek response at various Kwale county offices by meeting the direct officials likely to be part of the project’s committee beginning with the area chief at Gandini centre. 
Due to negative response by the area chief, residents decided to camp at her office where they presented a petition demanding audience with the National Government Administration Officers superior to her.
Following the petition, the county commissioner requested the CAT members to list the issues they want addressed so he could take action. The county commissioner said this would give him reason to summon the committee in charge of the project. He advised the CAT members to seek legal redress if the project has already begun. The project is already underway. The CAT members are still encouraging the affected persons to compile their data as advised. However, they are facing challenges because the affected persons keep shying away from the process. It is not known why. Some of the affected are increasingly pulling out of the advocacy initiative. Unconfirmed reports indicate these could have been threatened with dire consequences or promised handouts to abandon the advocacy initiative and let the project go on without problems.
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