Fulugani Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) Seek Dialogue with Their Leaders

At least 20 persons living with disabilities in a village in Kasemeni ward, Kinango constituency, Kwale county are up in arms over unfulfilled promises from the county government.
The PWDs in Fulugani village have difficulties accessing clean water, a basic commodity.
They say the county implemented a water project in 2019, where they constructed water tanks for them through which they would access fresh clean water and also sell the same as a source of income.
However, the water supply to the tanks has been erratic, sometime going for weeks without water.
This is despite being billed by both the water company in the county and the Kenya Power Company for the electricity being used at the water kiosk.
This means they operate at a loss from a project that was supposed to empower them economically.
IFA Mombasa base encouraged them to reach out to the ward administrator and other officials who were involved in the launch of the project. 
The PWDs CAT leaders drafted a letter seeking dialogue with the relevant authorities over the matter and it was responded to.
A meeting between the PWDs and the county officials involved took place with a Memorandum of Understanding drafted and signed over the way forward.
IFA is still monitoring the situation.
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