Abdinasir Tarole

22-year-old Abdinasir Tarole, is assaulted by a Police Officer from Merti Police Station while waiting for his Aunt and Cousin to close shop.  A police vehicle pulls over and one officer known to him as Boniface Chacha alights and grabs him by his collar; asking what time it is. Tarole says its 6:39 pm. The officer pulls Tarole away from the shop telling him they were looking for young people like him. The officer hits him with the butt of his gun. Tarole falls to the ground, while the officer runs back to the vehicle and speeds off. Tarole is later taken to Merti Sub County Hospital, and he is referred to Isiolo Teaching and Referral Hospital the following day, nursing a fractured leg. The IFA Isiolo Team documents his story and helps him record his case with the IPOA Office in Meru. He is later allowed to fill out a P3 Form at Merti Police Station after IPOA intervenes.


Josephine Nyabate Nyang'au

Josephine Nyabate is flushed out of her house in Riomweri Village, Kisii at 3 am by Police Officers from Birongo Police Post, in the name of conducting an illicit brew raid. When they do not find anything, they take her to Birongo Police Post 5kms away. Josephine is detained at the station the whole day without food or water and is released the next day after having to bribe the officers with Ksh. 15,000.


Mohamednoor Boru

Mohamednoor Boru is assaulted by a police officer at Merti Centre in Isiolo Town, while standing outside a shop with his friends at 6:30 pm. A police officer Boniface Chacha from Merti Police Station grabs him by his collar and throws him to the ground. The officer then drags him to a waiting police vehicle. Inside the vehicle, another police officer stomps on him and upon reaching Merti Police Station, he is locked in a cell without being booked in the Occurrence Book. Boru is released the next day without any charges. He reports the matter to the same station but no action is taken against the officer. Boru has now reported the incident to the IPOA Office in Meru.

Anne Featured


Anne lives in Kijijini Mtwapa, Mombasa County. On her way home from work at 7 pm, she’s verbally harassed, struck on the face and tackled to the ground by a police officer. Anne pleads for mercy, but the law enforcer doesn’t hear her cry and continues hitting her repeatedly. She is now nursing her wounds and also suffers from trauma.

Rashid Featured


A few minutes past 7 pm, and Rashid a Boda Boda rider drops his passenger home in Mombasa. On his way back he encounters a Mtwapa Police Base Land Cruiser on patrol. He gives it way, but one officer hits him with a baton while the car is still in motion. Rashid loses control and hits the ground, bruising his left hand and several parts of his body. He doesn’t report the incident because he knows the same police who attacked him are the same people he would be complaining to.

Elijah Manani Mageto Featured

Elijah Manani Mageto

Elijah Mageto from Nyabioto, Nyamira County is viciously attacked by twelve Police Officers on patrol at 7:05 pm. Elijah is making his way home and is about to enter his compound when they pounce on him, handcuffing both his hands and legs. They hit him and torture him by squeezing his private parts. They later take him to Manga Police Station where they detain him for three days denying him access to any medical attention. He is released after being forced to pay them Ksh. 5000. He claims to now suffer from erectile dysfunction due to the bodily harm meted on him.
Bernard Chasia Featured

Bernard Chasia

Bernard Chasia a Barber from Mbaya Area in Vihiga County is attacked by four policemen, who knock out two of his teeth. This occurs in his homestead at 5 pm. His wife Hellen runs to help him but is arrested and taken to Kilingili Police Station. She is released the following morning with no charge after her family comes to inquire about her.
Alice Nduta Featured

Alice Nduta

61-year-old Alice Nduta is a street vendor who works in Majengo, Nyeri County. Police officers begin their patrol at 6:30 pm and attack her while she’s selling vegetables. Using whips and batons, they chase her and other vendors away. As Alice is running away, she falls into a ditch breaking her hand
Amos Chepkwony Featured

Amos Chepkwony

Amos Chepkwony stays in Soin Sigowet of Kericho County, where Police Officers from Sondu Police Station storm his house at 7 pm. He has just returned from a friend where he had gone to negotiate the purchase of a vehicle. They beat him up, accusing him of harbouring criminals at home. The officers confiscate a jacket he’s wearing containing Ksh.200,000 and shoot in the air outside before leaving. Amos goes to record a statement with Sondu Police Station the same night, and as he is doing this, the same officers arrive and begin to hit him in the presence of the Deputy DCIO. He is chased away from the station.
Joyce Wachuka Mathenge Featured

Joyce Wachuka Mathenge

Joyce Mathenge, a 33-year old mother of three from Kiawara, Nyeri County is sexually assaulted and beaten by police a few minutes before the curfew time. She does not pursue the case for fear of victimization by the same police officers that are well known to her.
Charles Mwende Featured

Charles Mwende

Charles Mwende is forced to spend the night out in the cold at Kianjai Police Post with his wife's coffin. Together with his friends and family, Mwenda was permitted to travel from Malindi in Kilifi County to Meru County to have his wife’s burial on 28th May. Upon reaching Meru, Police at the Keeria roadblock force the bus to turn around and make the mourners go back to Malindi except for Mwende and the coffin, whom they abandon at Kianjai Police Post. Mwende has to sleep outside in the rain and cold while shielding the coffin under a stationary lorry. He proceeds to bury his wife the next day, with the police giving no explanation for their inhumane action
Geoffrey Moseti Featured

Geoffrey Moseti

Geoffrey Moseti from Manga, Nyamira County is returning home with his expectant wife from a hospital check-up. The two are attacked by Police Officers enforcing the curfew. They hit Geoffrey on the leg and strike his wife on the back. Geoffrey’s wife gives birth two weeks later, but the injuries inflicted on her back leave her disabled to hold their baby while breastfeeding.
Peter Kariuki Mwangi Featured

Peter Kariuki Mwangi

Police assault Peter Kariuki Mwangi in Tetu, Nyeri County on his way home riding his motorbike at 7:10 pm. A police officer from Gichira Police Station hits him with a baton and robs him of Ksh.500. He obtains a P3 Form from the same Police Station the next day, only after they insist that an unknown assailant assaulted him.
Yusuf  Juma Featured

Yusuf Juma

Yusuf Juma is assaulted in Kakamega Town a few moments before 7 pm. He is taken to the Kakamega General Hospital by Police Officers of Kakamega Central Station. Juma dies of his injuries the following day. Before being allowed to retrieve the body from the morgue, the relatives are forced by police to sign an affidavit stating they do not want an investigation and post-mortem conducted. Juma's parents are convinced the police assaulted their son and want an inquiry into his death.
Geoffrey Osoro Featured

Geoffrey Osoro

Geoffrey Osoro from Bonchari, Kisii County, is brutally beaten by police outside his house at 7 pm and left to his wife to drag him inside.
John Kipkirui Koech Featured

John Kipkirui Koech

John Koech flees from police in Silibwet Town, Bomet County, and is killed by an oncoming motorist. The police catch hold of John in Arap Barkak Estate at 7 pm and begin to strangle and beat him. The residents come out shouting, but police disperse them with teargas. As John tries to escape and sprint across the road, he’s knocked down by a car. He is buried three days later. His mother now demands Justice
Daniel Okero Featured

Daniel Okero

Police from Motonto Police Station in Bonchari, Kisii County assault Daniel Okero. Three officers attack him outside his gate at 6:30 pm. He suffers a broken arm and affected livelihood. He chooses to record a statement with the police in Suneka, far from his home.
Godfrey Nyamweya Featured

Godfrey Nyamweya

Godfrey Nyamweya from Nyaribe Chache, Kisii County is confronted at 8 pm by five Police Officers from Birongo Police Post. He has eight of his teeth knocked out with a blow to the mouth by one of them. Godfrey records a statement with Keroka Police Station the next day after the Birongo Police Post refuse to book the incident in their occurrence book.
Robert Kipkirui Tonui Featured

Robert Kipkirui Tonui

Robert Tonui of Mutarakwa, Bomet County has his restaurant utensils destroyed by police with machetes, when they break into his house in the middle of the night. The officers accuse him of selling illicit brew, arresting and detaining him at Singorwet Police Post. He is released after giving in to their demand of Ksh.10,000.
Evans Mark Nyakeri Featured

Evans Mark Nyakeri

Evans Nyakeri a Carpenter from Bobasi, Kisii County encounters Police Officers from Nyamache Police Station while leaving his workshop at Matierio Shopping Centre. They confiscate his motorbike and force him to walk home. He’s coerced to give them Ksh.1000 the next day, for the return of his bike. He later discovers that a memory card has been stolen from his bike.
The Orenga Family Featured

The Orenga Family

In Nambale, Busia County, Orenga and his nine family members are attacked and clubbed by 15 Police Officers, who destroy their property and steal household items. At 7.30 pm, the officers on patrol in a Police Land Cruiser stop at the Orenga homestead and demand to be allowed in. They then jump over the fence and without a word start beating the family members in the compound. 15-year-old Dennis Mkhekhe suffers a fractured leg, and 28-year-old Godfrey Sande is left with a deep cut on his forehead. The family state that the area OCS was present during the attack. Fearing the Nambale police, they report the matter to a different Police Station. All the family members file statements and fill out P3 Forms.
Wilberforce Ombusha Ogola Featured

Wilberforce Ombusha Ogola

Wilberforce Ogola goes to lock the gate of his house at 7.15 pm in Matungu, Kakamega County. He is confronted by a Police Officer on patrol who hits him repeatedly, inflicting an eye injury. Another officer shoots in the air to scare away passers-by. The perpetrator is a senior officer at the Matungu Police Station. It later takes the intervention of the OCS of Koyonzo Police Station for Matungu Police Station to allow Wilberforce to make a formal report. They however refuse to issue him with a P3 Form and demand that he provide witnesses, without which they will not proceed with the case. Following this, he has received numerous threats warning him against pursuing the case.
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