Abdinasir Tarole

22-year-old Abdinasir Tarole, is assaulted by a Police Officer from Merti Police Station while waiting for his Aunt and Cousin to close shop.  A police vehicle pulls over and one officer known to him as Boniface Chacha alights and grabs him by his collar; asking what time it is. Tarole says its 6:39 pm. The officer pulls Tarole away from the shop telling him they were looking for young people like him. The officer hits him with the butt of his gun. Tarole falls to the ground, while the officer runs back to the vehicle and speeds off. Tarole is later taken to Merti Sub County Hospital, and he is referred to Isiolo Teaching and Referral Hospital the following day, nursing a fractured leg. The IFA Isiolo Team documents his story and helps him record his case with the IPOA Office in Meru. He is later allowed to fill out a P3 Form at Merti Police Station after IPOA intervenes.

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