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InformAction (IFA) has it's own unique genre of activist films, designed to provoke thought, talk and action. These films are screened every week throughout Kenya, to specialized audiences and at international film festivals. We use the highest journalistic ethics and standards to make engaging documentaries and features - and tell it from the point of view of the marginalized and mistreated. Our field-trained local video journalists are the community eyes-and-ears on the ground, capturing the stories and struggles so often missed or ignored. 


In villages and small settlements, we distribute thousands of DVD copies of the films in markets, residential areas, cafes and video shops. IFA activists and facilitators show the films and lead audiences in debating and airing their grievances on camera. People are then encouraged to form Community Action Teams (CAT), to put pressure on local and national leaders to be responsive and accountable. We interchange the films and views between different communities to help increase understanding and empathy, and reduce conflict. 


Everything is captured on film, archived and transcribed. It is a unique data bank, and a rich base for research, analysis and IFA products - it informs everything we do. Documenting the experiences of people - especially victims and survivors of political violence – is also an important step towards justice and empowerment. SOCIAL MEDIA is used to reach out and expose our films and findings to everyone who needs to know. Go to our Youtube page InformAction Kenya; follow us on Twitter @InformAction_KE; follow us on Facebook; watch our launch page on ifa.or.ke; and regularly visit the IFA website where you can also air your views and be a cutting edge, socially-minded video journalist. www.InformAction.tv


InformAction is a unique new human rights organization that uses film and community discussions to get ordinary people to speak out and take action. We operate through mobile field teams – using just a car, screen, projector and camera - to show films to thousands of ordinary people throughout Kenya every week.

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